Fish Antibiotics and Aquaponics

Aquaponic Systems are an excellent way to provide your own fruits and vegetables in a sustainable way through all seasons. The fish in your Aquaponic setup are crucial to your system and many fish are very expensive to replace. Also, once a bacterial infection is in your water system it can quickly spread to your other fish.

Many people who have aquaponic systems believe it is important to keep one or two different fish antibiotic medications on hand in case of an emergency with their fish. That way they don't want to have to wait 4-5 days to receive a fish antibiotic while their fish could die, or have to pay expensive overnight shipping. Most of the antibiotics that we sell have expiration dates that are 1-2 years away, sometimes even longer, and some of the most effective fish antibiotics for Aquaponic Prepping start at only $9.

In the near future we will add new articles about how to use fish antibiotics in an aquaponic system and especially how not to use them in your aquaponic system.