Several bird and fish antibiotics are no longer available in pill/capsule form. However, they are available in individual, single dose packet form. If you don't want to buy the bulk fish antibiotic powders and measure each dose you can purchase the single dose packets. Each packet contains the same amount of medicine as a capsule or pill for that particular fish antibiotic.

Fish Antibiotic Powder in single dose packets

Thomas Labs has recently created an alternative fish antibiotic packaging from the typical pill or capsule form.  Because costs for antibiotics and medications are always rising some medications have unfortunately been discontinued because costs have risen too high. 

An alternative to the capsules and tablets are the single use packets of fish antibiotics.  Each single use packet contains a measured dose of antibiotic powder.  This measured powder often corresponds to the exact same amount of medication that was available in capsule or tablet form but is now in a convenient packet per does.  The single use packets can easily be added to a fish tank or mixed with fish food and you can be confident that the right amount and dosage is being applied because it has been pre measured.

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